As companies drive towards more carbon neutral standings and look to improve on efficiencies, one thing that business owners tend to overlook is AV equipment. In our latest blog, founder and managing director Adam Wilson shares his top tips for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.
Invest in new technology
As technology advances, so does the efficiency of equipment and appliances. Investing in new technology can help to not only increase the capabilities and further empower your workforce, but it can also help to reduce your impact on the environment, whilst saving you money at the same time.
You’ve to spend money to save money.
It’s not unusual to feel hesitant about investing in new technology. For most businesses the future is uncertain. Just as we start to recover from Covid-19 we are faced with rising energy costs, wage bills and every day living costs. It’s understandable that investing in the latest technology is low on your priority list. But did you know that investing in a new, more efficient AV equipment can save you money within a short time period.
Not only does older equipment require considerably more power than newer kit, it also produces significantly more heat. And as a result, businesses are paying for air conditioning to operate constantly to prevent the equipment from overheating.
Sourcing the latest equipment with the best possible efficiency ratings will help to reduce your usage and costs when it comes to energy consumption. Our team recently carried out a TV wall upgrade using our equipment partner’s latest technology. As well as introducing new functions that will help our clients business, the new system requires 90% less energy than it’s predecessor.
Think before you buy
It will be no surprise to you that the majority of technology used in the industry begins its life in Asia before making it’s way to the UK. Travelling for thousands of miles before it even makes it to an office, most AV equipment will already have a significant carbon footprint before its working life begins.
This is where the team at PCL Live try to do things differently. Recognised as industry leaders, our partners develop technology that are built in carbon neutral factories that are fully powered by wind and solar at their head quarters in Europe.
At PCL Live, we are committed to providing environmentally friendly equipment for our customers, which is why we source economical equipment from sustainable sources.
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