Case Study


Global E&C, a leading engineering and construction firm, required a cutting-edge AV solution across four sites in North East Scotland. The aim was to enhance communication, collaboration, and operational efficiency through state-of-the-art audio-visual technology. PCL Live was tasked with delivering this ambitious project, which included upgrading existing systems and integrating new technologies to meet the diverse needs of Global E&C.


  • Upgrade and integrate advanced AV systems across multiple sites
  • Enhance video conferencing capabilities and meeting room functionalities
  • Implement a unified digital signage and room booking system

Solutions Provided

Video Wall Upgrade:

  • Equipment: 162ā€ Touchscreen Video Wall, VC System with 2 Cameras, Ceiling and Screen Speakers, Ceiling and Screen Microphones, Integrated Digital Signage
  • Description: PCL Live upgraded a 12-screen video wall to a world-first 162ā€ touchscreen. This new video wall featured an integrated video conferencing system with two cameras to capture both the presenter and attendees, ensuring comprehensive coverage during meetings. Ceiling-mounted and screen-mounted speakers and microphones provided clear audio. The screen also incorporated digital signage capabilities, allowing for dynamic content display.

Digital Signage:

  • Equipment: 11 Digital Signage Screens
  • Description: Eleven digital signage screens were installed across the four sites to deliver important information, updates, and announcements in real-time. These screens were strategically placed to maximize visibility and engagement.

Office and Meeting Room Displays:

  • Equipment: 39 Screens of Various Sizes
  • Description: A total of 39 screens of various sizes were installed in offices and meeting rooms. These screens were used for presentations, video conferencing, and information display, enhancing the overall functionality of the workspaces.

Meeting Room Upgrades:

  • Equipment: Teams Room Setups, Multiple Cameras, Speakers, Microphones, Tap Systems, Touchscreen Booking Panels
  • Description: Eleven meeting rooms were upgraded to Microsoft Teams Rooms with varying setups based on room size. Large rooms were equipped with advanced video conferencing systems featuring multiple cameras, speakers, and microphones, along with a tap system for quick access to Teams calls and ‘plug and play’ connectivity. Smaller rooms received simpler VC systems with a single camera, speaker, and microphone. All meeting rooms were outfitted with touchscreen booking panels for easy scheduling.

Unified Booking and Signage System:

  • Description: All digital signage screens and booking panels across the four sites were connected to a cloud-based system. This allowed Global E&C to share content instantly across all necessary locations, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information was available at all times.


PCL Live successfully delivered a comprehensive AV solution that significantly enhanced Global E&Cā€™s communication and collaboration capabilities across their four sites. The world-first 162ā€ touchscreen video wall, along with the advanced video conferencing systems and unified digital signage, provided a state-of-the-art technological environment.

The upgraded meeting rooms facilitated more efficient and effective meetings, with easy access to Teams calls and seamless scheduling through the integrated booking panels. The cloud-based digital signage system ensured that important content could be shared instantly across all sites, improving information dissemination and operational efficiency.