Case Study


Stork, a global leader in asset integrity management and maintenance services, sought to enhance their headquarters with state-of-the-art audio-visual solutions. The project aimed to create a dynamic demonstration area, modernize meeting spaces, and improve overall operational efficiency with advanced digital signage and room booking systems.

PCL Live was selected to deliver this ambitious project, leveraging our expertise in AV integration to meet Stork’s high standards and specific requirements.


  • Create a high-impact demonstration area
  • Install digital signage screens for dynamic information display
  • Implement an efficient room booking system
  • Upgrade and install AV solutions in 16 meeting rooms

Solutions Provided

Demonstration Area:

  • Equipment: 98″ Clevertouch CM Pro, 2 PTZ Cameras, Speakers, Tablet
  • Description: The demonstration area was designed to showcase Stork’s capabilities and innovations. The 98″ Clevertouch CM Pro interactive display was installed to provide an engaging and immersive experience for presentations and demonstrations. To facilitate seamless connectivity and enhance interactive capabilities, we also provided two PTZ cameras, high-quality speakers, and a tablet. This setup enabled ‘plug and play’ functionality, allowing quick connections to meetings. The room was configured as a Microsoft Teams Room, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for virtual meetings and presentations. This comprehensive AV solution transformed the demonstration area into a versatile and powerful communication hub.

Digital Signage:

  • Equipment: 15 Digital Signage Screens
  • Description: PCL Live installed 15 digital signage screens strategically throughout Stork’s headquarters. These screens were used to display real-time information, company news, event schedules, and other dynamic content. The digital signage solution ensured that employees and visitors stayed informed and engaged with relevant updates.

Room Booking System:

  • Equipment: Room Booking Panels for 16 Meeting Rooms
  • Description: To streamline meeting room management, PCL Live implemented room booking panels for all 16 meeting rooms. These panels, installed outside each room, allowed users to check room availability and book rooms directly on the spot or via a centralized booking system. This solution improved room utilization and reduced scheduling conflicts.

Meeting Room Upgrades:

  • Scope: Upgraded and installed AV solutions in 16 meeting rooms with varying requirements based on room size and function.
  • Equipment and Features:
    • Video Conferencing (VC) Options: All rooms were equipped with Microsoft Teams Rooms systems.
    • Cameras: Single or multi-camera setups, including PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras for larger rooms.
    • Audio: Integrated speakers and mic pods to ensure clear audio quality during calls.
    • Control: Tap for Teams devices for easy meeting control and connectivity.
    • Wireless Connectivity: Wireless dongles were provided to enable third-party devices to connect to cameras, mics, speakers, and screens.
  • Description: Each meeting room was tailored with specific AV setups to match its size and intended use. Smaller rooms received single-camera setups, while larger rooms were equipped with multiple cameras and PTZ options. High-quality audio solutions were installed to ensure clear communication. The wireless connectivity feature allowed seamless integration of third-party devices, enhancing the flexibility and usability of the meeting spaces.


The comprehensive AV solution delivered by PCL Live significantly enhanced Stork’s headquarters. The demonstration area became a focal point for showcasing innovations, the digital signage screens provided dynamic and timely information, the room booking system improved meeting room management, and the upgraded meeting rooms offered state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities.

Stork’s employees and visitors experienced a more connected and efficient environment, aligning with the company’s vision of innovation and excellence. PCL Live’s expertise and commitment to quality ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget, meeting all of Stork’s operational requirements.