Case Study


Survivex, a leading provider of training and competency assessment services for the oil and gas industry, required a sophisticated AV solution for their new training and assessment rooms. The goal was to enhance the training experience by providing real-time communication, observation, and recording capabilities.

PCL Live was selected to design and implement a fully custom AV solution that would meet the specific needs of Survivex’s training environment.


  • Enable real-time communication between assessors, trainees, and observers
  • Provide high-quality audio and video coverage for assessment and observation rooms
  • Facilitate recording and review of training sessions

Solutions Provided

Assessment Room:

  • Equipment: 2 Cameras, 2 Speakers, 2 Microphones
  • Description: The assessment room was equipped with two high-definition cameras to capture multiple angles of the training activities. Two strategically placed speakers and microphones ensured clear audio coverage. This setup allowed assessors and trainees to interact seamlessly during training sessions.

Observation Room:

  • Equipment: 2 Speakers
  • Description: In the observation room, PCL Live installed two speakers that relayed audio from both the assessment room and the assessors’ room. This enabled observers to monitor the interactions and communications happening in real-time, providing a comprehensive understanding of the training session dynamics.

Assessors’ Room:

  • Equipment: 2 Speakers, Push-to-Talk Microphone, Vision Mixer
  • Description: The assessors’ room was outfitted with two speakers for receiving audio from the assessment room, a push-to-talk microphone for two-way communication, and a vision mixer. The vision mixer allowed assessors to control and switch between camera feeds in the assessment room, enhancing their ability to monitor and guide the training process effectively.

Integration and Recording System:

  • Description: The entire system was integrated to facilitate seamless communication and recording. The vision mixer enabled real-time switching of camera feeds in the assessment room, and this video feed was then relayed to an in-house PC for recording. This setup ensured that every training session could be recorded in high quality, providing valuable material for review and assessment.


The custom AV solution delivered by PCL Live significantly enhanced the training and assessment capabilities at Survivex. The advanced communication system allowed for real-time interaction between assessors, trainees, and observers, ensuring a more dynamic and interactive training environment. The ability to record sessions and switch between camera feeds provided a comprehensive view of the training activities, which is crucial for accurate assessment and review.

The project was completed on time and within budget, meeting all of Survivex’s specific requirements. The custom solution has been instrumental in improving the quality of training and assessment at Survivex, supporting their mission to deliver top-tier competency training in the oil and gas industry.