Case Study


PCL Live has a longstanding relationship with Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, providing a comprehensive range of AV solutions for their events. In 2023, PCL Live was tasked with supporting various events under the ‘Ultimate Masterclass Festival’ umbrella. This required a flexible approach to accommodate diverse venues, ranging from intimate settings like the Chester Hotel, seating around 250 attendees, to large-scale venues such as The Music Hall in Aberdeen, accommodating over 5,000 attendees.

Kick-off and Planning

  • Initial Meeting: PCL Live began with a kick-off meeting to identify event dates and locations.
  • Equipment Recommendation: Based on the defined dates and locations, PCL Live advised on the necessary equipment for each event, ensuring optimal use of space.


  • Venue Setup:
    • For smaller venues, a 6x3m video wall was deployed.
    • For larger venues like The Music Hall, a 6x3m video wall was supplemented with two banner video walls.
  • Comprehensive AV Solutions: Full PA systems, speakers, microphones, lecterns, stages, and repeater screens were provided.
  • Customized Display Layouts: PCL Live created custom layouts to display multiple graphics or animations simultaneously on the screens.

Pre-Event Coordination

  • Requirement Gathering: PCL Live established detailed requirements from the Chamber, including running orders, presentations, and scripts.
  • Equipment Preparation: All necessary materials were prepared and reviewed ahead of each event to ensure smooth execution.

On-Site Execution

  • Recording and Live Feeds: Each event was recorded via camera, with some incorporating live camera feeds to the video walls.
  • Speaker Support: All speakers were equipped with lapel or head mics, and presenters controlled their presentations via on-stage clickers.
  • Visual and Audio Management: PCL Live managed visualizations and screen layouts according to the pre-defined running order, ensuring seamless transitions and professional delivery.

Communication and Coordination

  • Consistent Communication: Clear and consistent communication was maintained with the Chamber throughout the year, accommodating any updates or schedule changes promptly.
  • Rehearsals and Setup: All events were set up in time for rehearsals, either the day before or the morning of the event, ensuring a smooth experience.

Outcome and Future Engagement

  • Successful Execution: The events were executed flawlessly, leaving attendees inspired and impressed by the visual and audio quality.
  • Continued Partnership: Due to the success of the 2023 events, a new deal for the 2024 UMF events has been signed. The first event for 2024 was successfully held on February 29, 2024.

PCL Live is proud to continue its partnership with Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, delivering exceptional AV solutions that elevate the attendee experience at the Ultimate Masterclass Festival.