Empower your staff through AV

As technology advances and we edge further into the digital era, there are more and more products emerging that can help us maximise our potential during our working day.

Having experienced the reward that comes from utilising technology in the workplace through his previous jobs in the corporate world, our Business Development and Technical Manager, Alex Sherman, shares his thoughts on some key pieces of AV technology that can help to get the most out of your staff and business.

Video conferencing systems

Everyone is aware of video conferencing systems, but there has been a significant increase in their utilisation since hybrid working has become more adopted within businesses. Having a system that not only captures you and the others
in the room, but also helps to make the people online feel as though they are in the room too, can make the world of difference.

Often online participants can feel as though they are not fully part of the conversation, but with modern technology you can now feel as though you are in the room with your cohorts. Logitech is set to release its Sight tabletop camera
this year which will allow online participants to get a face on view of everyone using a combination of both the Sight and Rally camera systems and their built in AI.

Having this new view would allow participants to feel immersed in the room and fully able to contribute to conversations and engage in discussions.

Touch Screens

Touchscreens have evolved over the years to be incredibly user friendly and now come in all sizes, from a standard 45” all the way to 162” and beyond. Having screens with additional capabilities, as well as smart functionality, gives staff the tools to present or conduct meetings and workshops in a more engaging fashion. Adding touchscreen functionality to screens in communal work areas can allow your team to interact with content and encourage more engagement and collaboration.

With our touchscreens now requiring vastly lower power than previous legacy equipment, and coming from Europe, you can also help your business in its path to a greener future just by upgrading your equipment.

Digital Signage

Having digital signage on the screens around your offices that advertise not only work events but also out of work events and staff achievements, can help keep the morale of your staff running high and make them feel like a valued part of the business. It can also help to connect teams all around the world by keeping up with each other’s news and achievements.

Encouraging staff to participate in social activities and advertising offers exclusive to the company helps to increase the team’s cohesion and make them aware of some of the benefits they have.

Video content and live streaming

One of the strongest marketing tools in a business is its staff. Encouraging them to share knowledge or stories can help your staff to feel better valued, whilst also giving you the content to help increase the credibility of your business.

Using cameras to produce video content where your employees are the focus like webinars, interviews or conferences, will bring engagement from outside parties but also give some valuable experiences to your staff.

Many businesses are now focusing their efforts on video content creation, finding it to be more engaging with their audiences. Offering your staff the opportunity to share their wisdom is a win-win – you are capturing content that will help the business and they are more empowered having added value to the team.

PCL Live have a track record of providing clients with new equipment and technology, helping to empower staff through increased functionality. Being registered partners and resellers with some of the world’s leading AV brands, PCL Live can offer the latest in products and services.

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