Transforming Shopping Centre with Innovative Video Walls and Digital Signage

Project Goal

The aim was to enhance the Trinity Shopping Centre in Aberdeen by installing a large video wall at its Union Street entrance to captivate shoppers’ attention. Additionally, we were tasked with implementing a digital signage solution throughout the center to facilitate external communication and advertising to customers.

What We Did

PCL Live executed the project by installing a cutting-edge 135-inch LED video wall strategically positioned at the Union Street entrance of the Trinity Shopping Centre. This visually striking display was meticulously integrated into the center’s architecture to seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Furthermore, we implemented a cloud-based digital signage platform, allowing for dynamic content management and scheduling across various locations within the center. Our team worked closely with the management of the shopping center to ensure that the digital signage solution met their specific needs and branding requirements.

Benefits / Results

The installation of the eye-catching video wall immediately captured the attention of shoppers entering the Trinity Shopping Centre, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

The digital signage solution provided a versatile platform for advertising and external communication, enabling the center to promote special offers, events, and brand messages effectively.

With visually appealing content and relevant information displayed throughout the center, shoppers were provided with a more engaging and informative experience during their visit.

The modern and innovative digital signage solution reinforced the Trinity Shopping Centre’s position as a forward-thinking and customer-focused retail destination, enhancing its overall brand image and appeal.

Overall, the successful implementation of the video wall and digital signage solution significantly contributed to enhancing the Trinity Shopping Centre’s ambiance, communication capabilities, and overall customer experience.

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