User Guide: Video-Conferencing System

Room Setup

To use the video conferencing facilities in rooms 2 and 3, locate the panel on the wall.

Select ‘Display On’ to activate the 65” screen and turn on the two 50” screens in rooms 2 and 3 to the correct input to mirror what is displayed on the 65”.

Using All 3 Rooms

If you are using all 3 rooms, press the ‘Open’ button. This will activate the final screen in meeting room 1 to mirror content.

Connecting Your Device

Plug the USB and HDMI cables located at the front of the room into your PC or laptop.

When starting a call, the Logitech system will default to the in-room speakers, microphones, and camera.

Ending the Call/Presentation

When the call or presentation is completed, select ‘Display Off’ to shut down the system.

If using all 3 rooms, select ‘Off’ to shut down the full system.

Wireless Connection

Plug in the USB cable to connect to the camera and microphone system.

Press the button on the top right of the remote control and select Wireless Display (option 7).

On your device, if Windows, hold down the Windows button and tap the letter K.

A menu will appear on the right-hand side of your screen showing the TV along with a name beginning ‘SAHARA’ and a sequence of numbers. Click this to connect.

If your device is not connecting, try changing the resolution to 1920×1080.

Audio & Microphone Settings

Under Settings in the program you’re using (Teams, Zoom, etc.), ensure that ‘Logitech Meetup’ is selected for the camera, speakers, and microphone.

Using the Desktop Control

Once the system is running, everything can be controlled from the desktop control on the table.

This allows full control of the camera (pan, tilt, and zoom) and volume, as well as microphone settings.

Please avoid using the TV remote control to adjust volume, as the speakers should be set to zero to prevent feedback and echo during calls.


If you do not require camera and audio, simply plug in the HDMI cable or connect your device wirelessly.

If you do require audio, plug in the HDMI and USB cables or connect your device wirelessly.